Wednesday, January 2, 2008


MOSI-A-TUNYA Smoke That Thunders

I wouldn't say that my travels were anything less than a spiritual awakening when speaking of such a place as Victoria Falls. Locally known as MOSI-A-Tunya, among many other local names, Victoria Falls is just that. You enter through a small paying booth, where the local CiTonga Greeting and smiles help you cut back entry prices from $10 USD to a measly 2000 Kwatchya, equaling the equivalent of around 50 Cents. The park explodes with the Gushing sounds of the Falls as you approach, as if you had just entered into another Galaxy through the only teleport known to human existence. Among the many paved paths and secret "Curious George" trails, i found the one that most suits my personality. Heading strait to the top of the Falls hoping for a death defying glimpse of the Zambezi river and her true power. The rains have just started, maybe more than a months time, so the build up of momentum is not at her full potential, yet still her force could sweet a crossing Elephant flat on its side sweeping him to his inevitable death. During Zambia's dry seasons, June-Aug, the top of the falls becomes a place of recreation for the locals and many Peace Corps volunteers, not to mention crossing hurds of local animals. Natural erosion of the rivers bed, created by her pure Hydro-Friction, creates suitable deep spring pools to swim and relax within. The Deepest and most dipped of pools is located right up against the edge where the river falls into an extensive ravine (More details about such events are to come during my stay). On the Flip side, crossing to the parallel edges of the Smoking Thunders, leaves a feeling of inadequacy in ones mind about the power and existence of humans in comparison to the Earths Natural Wonders.
From these view points you can not only experience the sights of the Falls but the borders of Zimbabwe itself, in all its troubled tensions and chaos, seeming peaceful and beautiful. The border of Zimbabwe is connected to Zambia's Mosi-A-Tunya by bridge. Connecting over a small canyon where the massive falling waters must past through, to than meander its way through the lands of Zimbabwe. Many recreational activity may occur on this bridge, such as bungee jumping by Tourists and some locals who are seeking thrills and that only escape deaths grip by elastic cord. Did she try it folks?!?!!? Not this trip, but the time will come when she will find the courage and the right amount of USD$ in her pocket to have.
What else can be said about the Smoke That Thunders gotta see it too believe it.

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