Monday, January 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away, come back, to Sprinkle a Litlle Each Day!

Planting Planting Planting she does........
Manual labor is the name of the game and I, little princess and the pea, am doing my best to keep up with the locals. is she you ask? PEPE (no in CiTonga). Alas my tiredness gets the best of my abilities but not my spirits. the rains this year have been more than most of the locals have seen in their life times. meaning- hunger will strike and strike hard. Water logged crops, leakage of fertilizers and rotten roots are leading to many rumors of soon to be death counts. This is a little intimidating being that yours truly works within the Agricultural section. We shall see. Pray for my people.

The Focus of my off time has been the local basic school Mandala. The smiles on these children's faces are enough to feed your soul for a life time. I am "teaching" natural cycles of the earth, trees water and life. Its really fun because my CiTonga is in an accent so the children and i have resulted in pictures, dramas and laughter to finding the path to knowledge.

To be continued.......

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